Line Pipe is steel pipe used for the transmission of Oil, Gas and Petroleum Distillates. Line Pipes are manufactured as per specifications established by American Petroleum Institute (API). API 5L is a specification of API which defines the standard for the dimension, physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the steel. Several pipe mills around the globe manufacture the API 5L pipes for Oil and Gas industry.

Pipe Application

Buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, automobiles, machines and appliances are all made from steel. Steel is frequently used because it is durable and safe. Building materials underground may be susceptible to rotting and pests. Since steel is non-combustible and makes it harder for fire to spread, it is good to use when building homes. ASTM A106 Carbon steel pipe is highly resistant to shock and vibration. API 5L GR.B PSL 1 Pipe is Environmentally Friendly as well Cost-Effective.

Carbon steel pipe – Examples of use
Bridges, Flood control, Harbors and airports, Building construction, Petroleum and natural gas, Wind power generation, Solar power and solar heat power generation, Geothermal power generation, Batteries and power devices etc.

Pipe features:

  • The American Petroleum Institute specification API 5L covers seamless and welded steel line pipe.
  • API 5L, 45th Edition / ISO 3183
  • This is steel pipe for pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries
  • API 5L GR.B PSL 1 Pipe is suitable for conveying gas, water, and oil.
  • API 5L GR.B PSL 1 Pipe, high yield seamless pipes, modified to suit offshore structural purposes.
  • Suitable for weldable structural steels for fixed offshore structures
  • Rexal Tubes’ seamless and extra long ERW API 5L Line Pipe for dependable transmission of oil and gas to any type of collection and distribution point.

Pipe Advantages:

  1. As only the edges are heated, the tube possesses dean accurate surface.
  2. Safety is better than smls pipe.
  3. The cost is cheaper than smls pipe and LSAW pipe.
  4. Manufacturing speed is quicker than seamless pipe or sub merged welded pipes.